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BMP Database

The Brazilian Microbiome Project (BMP) is a national consortium aiming at supporting microbiome studies in Brazil. There is no prioritization of specifics taxonomic groups, then all proposals and any help are very welcome. All information generated is collated in this dedicated database.

This application is governed by the License: GPL v3

You can use, modify and/or redistribute these codes under the terms of the GPL v3 license

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BMP Geosearch: use the map for selecting samples of interest.

How to do a Sequence search in the BMP Database?
How to do a Taxonomy search in the BMP Database?

Artificially Intelligent Soil Quality Index - AISQI

This process will enable a land-manager to interrogate an AISQ system to generate an index (AISQI), both current and predicted trajectory based on a range of scenarios under consideration by the land-manager - or to provide optimal recommendations.
LEVEL 1: predictions with no site measurement – local predictions from global data
LEVEL 2: accurate SQI from local measurements provides improved predictions
LEVEL 3: parallel adaptive predictions


This database was assembled as part of the Brazilian Microbiome Project activities. BMP

This work is supported by CNPq, CAPES, FAPEMIG and FAPESP.

The Brazilia Society for Microbiology also supports this initiative. SBM

The BMPdb Team:

  • Victor Pylro
  • Daniel Morais
  • Leandro Lemos


BMP Team